As chief financial officer of Washakie Renewable Energy in Salt Lake City, Utah, Isaiah Kingston oversees future fiscal development and strategic planning as well as management of existing resources. He has developed a number of performance assessments targeted at informing leadership decisions, while also providing data necessary for risk management. Dedicated to managing capital at all stages of operations, Isaiah Kingston supports the company's production and distribution of environmentally friendly biodiesel.

Isaiah Kingston comes to his current position following a successful five-year tenure as general manager of Advanced Automotive and Advanced Rentals in Murray, Utah. In this role, he oversaw customer relationships as well as all stages of the repair process. Responsible for creating repair orders and ensuring up-to-date customer records, he expanded his combined knowledge of mechanics and guest service.

Mr. Kingston comes to his work with a bachelor of social science in economics, which he received from the University of Utah. He now supports the professional growth of others as a contributor to the Kingston Energy Engineering Scholarship as well as the Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce.